Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dealing with Test Ideas

For a Software Tester writing test cases is not enough to test a software, one should also explore and think of different test ideas. Here, Test cases and Test Ideas different, Test cases are written in a systematic manner to test a software application and there is no exploring. But a tester will get different Test ideas when he / she explore the software and test effectively to ensure the maximum quality of a software application. Exploring a software application is like investigating a software application.

In exploratory testing we gauge the Testing efforts and time spent to test an application by our Test Ideas that is; instead of writing the Test cases we simultaneously explore the software and note down our different test ideas performed to test the software. Where, test cases written to test only what we see in an application. It is limited testing when we write test cases, but what about the hidden bugs which cannot be seen inside the application? Those bugs can be found during the investigation or by exploring the application with different Test ideas.

When I explore and investigate software application I get different ideas. Exactly like how a gamer explores the hidden treasures in the game. Exploring is all about how your mind-set is and how interested you are into the work you do. The more you explore the more chances to find out the hidden bugs in the software.

We can relate our feelings to testing an application. How? Let me tell you how, when you are irritated / bored and you need to fill a web application form which has some fifty fields in the application form. Assume that 45 fields are mandatory. You have filled all the fields with the proper data. Finally instead of clicking on “Submit” button you clicked on “Cancel” button. Here you can generally think of 2 ideas, what if the application has the auto-fill feature so that user can click in the text field and select the proper data from the drop-down instead of typing it again. And one more thing, what made the user to click on Cancel instead of Submit? May be the Cancel button color is Green and Submit button color is Red, user might just saw the color of the buttons and clicked. Testing is not only about finding bugs but it is also about user experience.

How do I get different Test Ideas?

  • TestInsane Mind-map repository (http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps) Mind-map repository is a contribution to the Software Testing community by TestInsane Technologies Private Limited. Anyone from anywhere can access these mind-maps and use it for testing or knowledge purpose. Here, in our mind-map repository you will find more than 100 Mind-maps on different topics in Testing. And the best thing is, you can also contribute your own mind-map to the testing community through our mind-map repository.
  • I always keep a backup of test ideas which I performed to test different projects. If I get a similar project in future, I just go through the test ideas document and I use them again (as per the new application needs). When I get a new project which is very different from the past experiences, I discuss with colleagues and we help each other to get different test ideas. We enjoy the session when we discuss about new test ideas. It is all about passion, interest and being creative in what you are doing.
  • I read testing related blogs below are some blogs which I follow continuously to learn and to get more test ideas by discussing with other Testers.
           Reference links:




  • I participate in Software Testing workshops and meetups, so that I can meet new testers, I can discuss or share my knowledge and I can learn new things.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Small things matters.

As a Software Tester I was working on a project and I used to interact with the client, also I was the one who needs to update the status of the project via e-mail to the client. As per my practice, I type the e-mail in a word document so that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in the e-mail. Then I double check the content of the e-mail and I copy paste the content into the E-mail compose box. I only concentrated about the spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation but I never thought about how actually e-mail works when you are sending an e-mail to a group of people.

I did not save the e-mail addresses as contacts in my mail box. I saved all e-mail addresses in a notepad and I used to copy paste when I need to send the e-mail. I copy pasted my e-mail content in the compose box of my mail box. I copy pasted all the e-mail addresses in “To” text field and “CC” text field, and then I have sent the e-mail. I did this for 5 days and one day, Santhosh asked me “Are you keeping me in “CC” when you send the status update e-mail?” I said “Yes”. But Santhosh said he is not receiving any e-mails of status update. I tried to open the sent e-mails, but I was not able to open the e-mails. I thought some issue with the mail box. And I tried to send one test e-mail to check if everyone receiving my e-mails. I typed a test e-mail and selected the email addresses from dropdown of the “TO” and “CC” text fields.

Santhosh was observing the process, when I selected the e-mail addresses from drop-down, immediately he said “Wait!” and he noticed that there were no commas (,) after each email address. I missed the comma (,) and that is the reason, why the e-mails were not delivering to the project team.

Here, the problem occurred because of lack of concentration and observation skill. If you give your full concentration about the work you do, then you will not make any mistakes. But, even after doing mistake, you have to learn by realizing what mistake you have done. There comes the observing skill which is very much important to a Tester. You know that, you have done some mistake that’s why e-mails were not delivering. Now, you have to observe what you did and repeat the same steps to reproduce the issue and in each step you have to observe every minute thing. We learn skills by practicing and exploring. So, one has to be like a detective to find bugs. Do mistakes but learn by mistakes and do not repeat the mistake.

There is a quote which I follow “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.” Everything whatever you do it has to be filled with positivism, think positively and the result will be positive.

Monday, 15 June 2015


Being rejected by a company in which I dreamed to be in was an awesome situation which I am cherishing today! Thanks for that Moolya J I just believe in one thing “Everything happens for a reason and that reason for me is good.” I got rejected in the interview conducted by Moolya; I never thought why I was not selected, rather hinged to the thought of why I got rejected! And that’s what made me a Freakish Tester at Test Insane today. I was the same guy when I was interviewed by Moolya and Test Insane. Test Insane believes in nothing but the gut feels. I joined Test Insane as an intern even though I had 2 years of experience because I wanted to learn eagerly. The experience and age doesn’t matter for a learner.

I used to read Moolya’s blogs, I used read their careers page daily. After reading the careers page, I used to feel that “Yes, this is the place I wanna be, it’s my kinda place to work” It used to inspire me.
One fine day I wrote a e-mail to Moolya. Here are the transcripts:

Sandeep (That's me):
Hello, I am not a very good software tester but, I want to be, by joining your company. I have attached my Resume below please refer, and if you think that my profile is suitable for your Testing job, then you call me for interview on 
+91 9844803071.


Hi Sandeep,


Thanks for your email and interest in working with us. I am curious if this is your generic subject line or you wrote specific to Moolya. Honesty is well appreciated in Moolya :) If it was specific to Moolya, I would like to know why you think we can help you become a good software tester?



Hi, I would like to thank you first, because I have sent my resume and messages previously but I did not get any responses from Moolya. I have tried so many times to connect you I have also called your HR 6 months ago, they told that they will review my profile and get back to me.

Coming to your question, Yes I have written that message specifically to Moolya, I am eager to Join your company, because I have searched the list of Software Testing companies in Bangalore and I have gone through your website, I found that Moolya is looking for "Knowledge" not for "Certification and Marks" or Experience. One more good thing which I found about Moolya is, people over their are not only doing their job, but they are becoming Core Software Testing professionals and they are giving their 100% efforts to reach the peak of success. I would like to join the team where I can also make my identity as a Software Testing Professional.

My opinion about testing is, it is about how your Mind instructs your eyes to look at the product. 

These things made me enthusiastic to know about your company, and if I get a chance, then I am eager to join your company and I am also want to become a Core Software Testing professional. 

Once again thank you Moolya! for responding to my email.

After all these conversations, finally interview happened. Interviewers were very humble, cool and polite. I was very much nervous and the interviewers were trying to make me feel comfortable. Interview process started then question and answers, discussions happened. It was very nice experience. I still remember one thing that I have been taught about what Password Masking is and what Password Encryption is.

I really respect and thank Moolya for spending time on me to take my interview and for sharing knowledge, for inspiring me to become a Passionate Software Tester and for not selecting me J If I would have got selected there, then I don’t know where I would have been. Now, I am the happiest person to be a part of Test Insane. And yet, I have never seen the coolest Team members and the superb place to work anywhere else than Test Insane.

What I realized is nothing can stop you, if you have the gut feel and WILL to do what you love. What really matters is how you are LIVING in this moment. And whatever happens, it happens for good.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Learning is Difficult, but not Impossible.

Learning is always difficult at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. At some point of time when you are in the middle of the learning process, you will feel like quitting the learning, but never do that. Make your skin thick, so that you can bear the pain and move on, but never quit. When you will go through and cross the difficult situations, at the other end you will be the next version of you. I am learning Software Testing. Testing Software is not an easy job. You need to think in a various ways to find bugs; you need to investigate the software. Investigation should not have negligence, while investigating you should have focus and you have to be confident in you.

Learn fearlessly, let go the fear from you and remove that from your mind, of course you need practice for that, but you have to be fearless to learn effectively. You do fewer mistakes when you are fearless. Don’t worry if you do mistakes while learning, it is common but don’t make that as habit. Don’t do the mistakes again and again. Learn from the mistake understand the consequences of that mistake and never do it again. Practice those things in which you are lacking. Give extra time to improve your skills. Make better use of the resources, it may be your friends, colleagues, books, and Internet. Internet can be your friend, can be your book, and can be the best resource when it comes to learning. And don’t hurry to learn, take your time.

Whatever you learn share it with someone. So that it will be practice for you and you will remember things for long time. I am learning python programming language. I found this as more interesting because I can play with it. I can communicate with the computer in its language. I have enrolled to python programming language from www.codeacademy.com you can find many websites like this to learn over the internet.

On the Day 1 when I was started testing my first project at Test Insane I was scared, that what I need to test first?  What if I don’t find the bugs? How can I prepare the bug report? I think every tester goes through these situations for the first time. Later I felt happy in the beginning when I started testing the Sign up form. I found a couple of bugs and then I logged the first bug in our bug tracker. My mentor Santhosh Tuppad helped me to understand the bug tracker and how to log in the bugs. I did some mistakes even after he taught me how to do. I think the reason why I did mistake is lack of focus and lack of confidence. And then my mentor showed me bugs, and he explained me how to find bugs. I understood that I need more practice, I need to focus, and I need to be fearless. I have to improve my English; I have to practice a lot. 

On the second day when I started testing, I found some bugs and I found them in a different way than previous experiences. It was interesting and I felt confident that time, I found more bugs than day 1. I learned how to find bugs, what the key points are and how I should see things differently to
find bugs. I am working on my written communication skills to write the error free bug report.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Phobia - What others think of me?

Most of the time we don't do so many things which we really want to do, just because we think that, what others think of me? Well, I am coming out of this phobia by writing this blog post, if I am still thinking that what others think of me, I would not be writing this blog and you aren't reading this. Yes, I asked this question to myself,  before writing this blog, what others think of me if I write this blog? People may think I am not a good blog writer, they may think my English is not so good, and they may think, I don't know anything and I am simply writing this blog.  Let them say, but every time when they try to discourage me in my work, each time I will get a chance to correct the mistakes  and practice them, then I will become a expert. Who knows? maybe the same people appreciate my work later.

Sometimes we don't even speak and don't share our ideas with others, because of this Phobia, "what people think of me?" And later we regret on that, because someone said the same thing which I thought and some one shared the same idea which is greatly appreciated, instead of regretting, I learn from the mistake, and I will make sure the same situation never repeats again.

I remember a saying, "Stones will be throne at the tree,in which it has Fruits."
So, by this saying what I understood is, its up to you that, will you collect those stones and build your house or you will collect the stones and create your own grave. 

I have experienced some situations where, Some students have consistently scored top in their colleges but sometimes they fail to crack the interview, because one of the reason is phobia "What others think of me"? You might know the correct answer but still you are not telling it. You are thinking whether the answer is correct or not. It may be correct or wrong just tell the answer, everything happens for good. If the answer is wrong, you will learn what the answer is, If it is correct, your chances of getting the job will be increased, also your  confidence, so in both ways its good.

Coming out of this Phobia is a very big challenge for me, but I am coming out of this phobia slowly. When I will be completely out of this phobia then I think I will be completely happy. 

When I think that, what others think of me, I realized I am not living my life for myself, I am living for others. To be happy in my life, its important to be myself and do things for myself not for others.

I am decided that I will follow some mantras to come out of this Phobia "what others think of me?"
  • What other people think of me is none of my business.
  • Love yourself and accept yourself.
  • Be confident in yourself.
  • Don't compare yourself with others, be you!
  • Think positively.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Learning: Day 1 at TestInsane and I started Blogging

My name is Sandeep Kumar Hiremath, I am a Freakish Software Tester, Context Driven Testing Student who loves traveling and Gaming. I am currently an intern at TestInsane.
I am a BCA degree holder, and I worked in a BPO as a Technical Support guy at Adobe for a year.
Then got into Testing  (through my girlfriend’s reference). I didn’t like the job because as it was for the most part a Data Entry job rather than Software Testing, well I got some experience there which is not bad. Everything happens for Good! Then I resigned and joined a Start-up company off course with a decent pay, even there I felt the same and one fine day I walked out of the company and right now I am feeling I am at the right place Test Insane. I was looking for a place where I can express myself, learn, work, have creative freedom, fun, discussions over a beer, meet ups with other freaky bug mongers, workshops and lots of

Today is a very special day for me. I joined the crew of "Test Insane", today April 6th Santhosh Tuppad's birthday Founder and managing Director of "TestInsane" (Captain of the Ship) and I am writing my First Blog post today! Isn’t that amazing? :)
I am very glad that I got into Test Insane as Intern, even though I have 1.5 years of Experience in Testing, but I was into Process Driven Testing, now I am into Context Driven Testing! I am really happy to do what I love to do!

On my first day at Test Insane the First Question I was asked was "What is Testing??"
My answer was "Testing is a process to make a software bug free (in simple words "Finding bugs")
but, today I learned a new Definition of James Bach:- Testing is "Questioning a product in order to Evaluate it".

For most part of the day I was involved in training which was unique, I never attended a Class / Training like this before, without a marker, board, book, and without any single slide show, Santhosh Tuppad was Trainer, who also happens to be my Mentor & Teacher,  but he didn’t  teach me much but he made me Think on Everything! And I felt this is the right way to learn, I wondered what if our Schools also teach/train like this, Learning with fun is most effective one.

In Training, we not only discuss/learn about the Testing, like the typical coaching classes do, but we also discuss about so many things like Electronics, Keyboard shortcuts, well it may sound silly but there were some things which I didn’t know on my computers keyboard being a techie guy, how many of you know what ~ symbol is called and its spelling? And how many of you know how many spaces will be there in a “tab”(Tab key)? These things may sound silly but they have their own value. Do Research/Explore! That’s what I do in Test Insane.

I learned one more interesting thing today i.e, Yin-Yang a Chinese symbol of Good and Bad.

http://www.eve-rave.ch/Forum/download/file.php?avatar=22203_1417274374.pngIn this symbol Black color indicates Bad / Darkness and White indicates Good / Light / Peace which means, in every Good thing there is a Bad thing. And in every Bad thing there is a Good thing, so look for  the Good thing in every Bad thing, if you do good, good will happens to you, isn’t that true ?

So, this is what I felt writing in my Very first Blog post on a very special day!

Open for Comments and Suggestions.
And here are some important things which I would like to share with you about testing which may help you.

Websites to explore about Exploratory and testing techniques: www.satisfice.com, http://.apps.testinsane.com http://apps.testinsane.com/mindmaps
Book to read about Software Testing: Lessons Learned in Software Testing.

Also, you can connect, share, comment and discuss with me through Twitter: